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Fold is a platform and a set of tools for developing and deploying backends. The goal is to make running a set of microservices on the cloud as easy as running them locally.

WARNING: This is seriously alpha...


Fold aims to take cloud based infrastructure and serverless computing to its ultimate conclusion. Infrastructure shouldn't just be easy, we shouldn't have to think about it at all.

It has happened countless times already in our industry. Compilers removed the need to think about machine code, garbage collection freed us from managing memory, web frameworks liberated us from network programming and boilerplate, and cloud computing unchained us from looking after servers in cupboards.

Fold aims to do the same for cloud based applications. No one wants to spend hours fiddling with yaml and cursing configuration errors. No, we want to develop applications simply and locally, and then magically have them deployed around the globe at any scale we like.

Fold is trying to build that, here are the principles behind the experience we're trying to create:

  • Local development is a first class citizen. If it works locally it should work


  • You shouldn't have to think about where your application is running or how

    it will get there.

  • You shouldn't have to think about creating and managing infrastructure

    such as databases or message brokers.

  • You should be able to write the application in the same way whether you are

    serving 10 or 10,000,000 customers.

  • You shouldn't have to spend any time iterating on complex configuration.